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Preet Comments on Emergency Aid for Afghanistan

Preet Kaur Gill MP, Labour's Shadow Cabinet Minister for Development, responding to the Government pledging £97m of emergency aid for Afghanistan, said:

“Just this week the Government confirmed that barely half the monies promised for Afghanistan had reached the country. This is simply not good enough. The remaining £141 million should be released immediately.

"From the then Foreign Secretary prioritising his beach holiday, to their shambles of an evacuation being exposed by a whistleblower, this Conservative government have been asleep at the wheel since before Kabul fell.

“Yet again with this Prime Minister and his government, they are too busy sorting out their own mess in Downing Street to step up and act, even in the face of a humanitarian catastrophe, where tens of millions now face imminent famine.

“The UN have made an appeal for $4.4bn. Labour are calling on the Government to convene a pledging conference as a matter of urgency.”

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