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Ward by ward crime mapped as Birmingham area 'blighted by illegal racing, burglary and car thefts'

Birmingham Live, 15th September 2023

Every crime detailed for constituency said to be suffering 'consequences of increasing serious crime' after shooting

Preet Gill, MP for the area, called for extra police as she said residents in the local wards were being 'robbed of the right to feel safe' amid a summer crimewave. "This summer has felt noticeably different in terms of the amount of crime we are seeing in my constituency," she said, addressing police in a bid to boost officer numbers in Quinton.

MP Gill wrote to West Midlands Police: "This summer has felt noticeably different in terms of the amount of crime we are seeing in my constituency. To quantify this, since June 1 to the present day, I have dealt with 107 constituency cases relating to crime in Edgbaston.

"When I compare this with the same period for 2022, that figure drops to 50. The bulk of these crime cases concern speeding, illegal racing, car cruising, vehicle-theft and vehicle-stripping, burglary, and anti-social behaviour – all of which are blighting the daily lives of my constituents. They have a right to live in safe, secure, and peaceful neighbourhoods but right now they are being robbed of this right.

"Coincidentally, last night’s incident involved three men on scrambler-style e-scooters engaged in a drive-by shooting. Residents and I have voiced concerns for a long time about the anti-social and illegal use of these and already the feeling among residents is that little is being done to address their concerns. Considering the messages I am receiving today; last night’s incident has compounded this feeling as residents’ lives are once again turned upside down by criminals who feel empowered to treat our community with complete disregard."

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