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Preet writes to Edgbaston schools about the Sutton Trust US Programme!

Preet has today written to all secondary schools in Edgbaston, encouraging them to share an exciting opportunity with their students to study in the US through the fully-funded Sutton Trust programme.

In her correspondence, Preet said:

'I am enthusiastic about highlighting educational opportunities for young people across Edgbaston. Therefore, I am pleased to share an exciting opportunity for students to explore studying in the United States.

The Sutton Trust US Programme is run in partnership with US study experts the US-UK Fulbright Commission and aims to give students an insight into what it would be like to study in the US, with expert admissions and scholarship support if they decide that that is a path they would like to take.

Students learn about the US admissions process at two residentials in the spring, allowing them to make friends with peers from across the UK and benefit from support from expert advisers throughout the process, including in-depth preparation for financial aid and scholarship applications. Students also have the opportunity to explore US universities on a week long trip to the US, which we plan to run this year.

If they then decide to apply to US universities, the programme will guide them through the process, with events and expert advice from the Fulbright advisors, including support in applying for scholarships and financial aid.

This is a fully funded programme so the Sutton Trust will cover all costs, including travel, residential events, accommodation, and food.

Participants who complete the programme leave with increased confidence and admissions skills, whether they choose to pursue study in the US or not, with participants four and a half times more likely to receive an offer from a top university than their peers. Many participants go on to study in the US, with more than 500 Sutton Trust US Programme students being admitted to 74 US universities across the country since the programme began.

“Being on the Sutton Trust US Programme, and ultimately studying in the US, are the two single most life-changing experiences I have had so far. Once a timid teenager, they have given me a platform to grow into the ambitious, curious and confident woman that I am today.” – Hollie from Liverpool, Middlebury College Class of 2019.

You can visit the Sutton Trust US programme website at for more information and promotional materials. You can also contact the Sutton Trust US Programme at

Sutton Trust’s partners, the US-UK Fulbright Commission are also the EducationUSA centre for the UK, and provide free, unbiased advice for anyone who wants to study at a US university – so even if students are not eligible for this programme, there is help and support available:'

If any educator, parent, or student would like to discuss the above with Preet further, please contact or telephone 0121 392 8426.


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