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Preet Kaur Gill badgers Barnsley Road developers

The land behind Barnsley Road in North Edgbaston was granted planning permission despite residents, councillors and local MP, Preet Gill's objections. Now work has begun on site. However, further concerns have been raised that the commencement of work on this site has resulted in the potential displacement of a badger sett, which are legally protected animals.

Preet Kaur Gill MP, has recently written to Edgbaston SSL Director, Alex Partakis, and has shared her letter with Calthorpe Estates, the Badger Trust, and Birmingham City Council’s Director of Planning.

In the letter, the MP has requested that the site must be checked once again for badger activity, and I implore the developers to hold off on work while they organise these wildlife checks urgently.

Read the letter here:

PG19534 Barnsley Road 26-01-2023
Download PDF • 231KB


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