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One in six kids in UK have rotting teeth and quarter live in poorer areas

One in six kids and almost a quarter of those in poorer areas now have rotting teeth, new data has shown, as one senior dentist said the Government has 'offered nothing' in solving the problem

It comes after a BBC investigation found 90% of NHS dentists are not taking on new adult patients. Shadow Health Minister Preet Kaur Gill said: "The Conservatives have left NHS dentistry to rot, and now our children's teeth are rotting too. It's shocking that thousands of children have pain in their mouths that is so bad they are struggling to eat. No child should be suffering through toothache at school.

“Labour has a fully-costed plan to rescue NHS dentistry by gripping the immediate crisis and reforming the service in the long-term. We will provide 700,000 urgent appointments, recruit new dentists to the areas most in need, and introduce a targeted national toothbrushing scheme to 3-5 year olds, paid for by abolishing the non-dom tax status.”

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