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City MPs demand Birmingham Pub Bombings inquiry after 'grim milestone'

Birmingham Mail, 18th April 2024

Birmingham MPs are calling upon the Government to hold an inquiry into the Pub Bombings atrocity amid the 'grim 50 year milestone.' Recalling the 21 innocent victims, they collectively requested the Home Secretary carry out a section 1 inquiry into the deadly terror attack of 1974.

Their calls come amid an ongoing campaign for "truth, justice and accountability", with many of the MPs involved for several years. With families still left with no justice five decades on, they say an inquiry is needed to finally provide answers, but also to ensure the same "could not happen again."

In the letter, which emerged tonight, the group of MPs wrote: "We, the MPs for the City of Birmingham, are writing to you to request as a collective that you hold a section 1 inquiry into The Birmingham Pub Bombings 1974 pursuant to the Inquiries Act 2005.

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