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31 October 2023: Preet raises Century Tower issues with the Council and Police

For too long, residents living at Century Tower have been grappling with repeated anti-social behaviour blighting their lives. They have had to put up with people gaining unauthorised access; desecrating communal areas; breaking the main entrance doors; and urinating/defecating in the stairwell and lift. There was also a small fire on one of the landings in October which frightened residents.

Having met with Housing Officers early last year at Century Tower, Preet called for changes then, and has continued to apply pressure on Housing Officers and the Council to respond to the concerns of residents.

This includes taking the step of writing to the Strategic Director for Housing at Birmingham City Council, the Cabinet Member for Housing, and the Police on 31 October.

In her letter, Preet called for CCTV to be installed to deter further ASB and further alleged arson. The letter also asked that the Council see if it makes financial sense to upgrade the main entrance doors so that they cannot be so easily broken in the future.

Conversations remain ongoing and Preet is committed to supporting residents to stamp out antisocial behaviour so that all those living in Century Tower can live safely and securely in their homes.

See Preet's letter in full below.

If you have questions or concerns about antisocial behaviour in your area then please write to Preet on or telephone 0121 392 8426.

PG44072 Paul Langford Century Tower Letter 31-10-2023
Download PDF • 242KB


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