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16 February 2023: Preet Kaur Gill MP writes to the Home Secretary about crime and policing in the West Midlands

Crime is one of the most common categories of casework Preet receives each week. Constituents tell her they no longer feel safe, that they no longer see the Police on the beat, and that they want action.

Having previously raised concerns with the Home Secretary in an earlier letter, Preet again wrote to the Home Secretary in February 2023 on behalf of constituents who are tired of feeling helpless over crime.

Preet quoted some of emails she has received with constituents saying they feel ‘fearful of not only [their] personal property but personal safety as well’, others have said they feel crime in their community ‘will only get worse’.

Preet was clear: hardworking people and law-abiding people have for too long faced the reality of a breakdown in neighbourhood policing and they do not yet see the light at the horizon.

Therefore, Preet asked when Edgbaston and the West Midlands will see Police and PCSO numbers increased.

Meanwhile, Preet continues to engage closely with local ward Sergeants, the Edgbaston Constituency Inspector, Chief Constable Craig Guildford, and the West Midlands Police and Crims Commissioner because she wants her constituents to live in peaceful, safe, and secure neighbourhoods.

See Preet's letter below, and find Labour's policies on crime and policing here: Take back our streets – The Labour Party.

If you have concerns about crime or policing in Edgbaston, write to Preet on or telephone 0121 392 8426.

PG38753 Crime and Policing 16-02-2023
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