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Weekly update - 30 September

Updated: Jan 30

Last week, the Government delivered a Budget with unfunded tax cuts for the wealthiest, returning to the failed trickle-down economics, that every credible economist knows will not work. The Tory Government has lost control of the economy in a crisis of their own making.

Now, people’s mortgages will be higher, prices will rise, and pensions are under threat. In fact, it has become so bad that this week, we’ve seen both the Bank of England and the IMF having to step in.

We need the Prime Minister to stop prioritising saving face over saving people’s homes and reverse the disastrous Budget. And, if she won’t, Tory MPs must join Labour in calling for Parliament to be recalled so this extremely damaging budget can be reversed.


British power to the British people

In direct comparison to this flailing Conservative Government, what we have seen at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool, is a Labour Party that is ready to govern and ready to deliver for working people.

Keir set out his mission for the future of the country. To create an economy that works for working people and gives Britain its hope and its future back.

We saw ambitious but practical plans for growth that will benefit people everywhere, not just those at the top. To make Britain energy independent, to bring people’s bills down, to create a new generation of homeowners, to skill up Britain’s workforce and to restore Britain’s public services from the NHS to Police Forces.

I was so proud to watch Keir stand before the party conference and announce that Labour will establish GB Energy. A publicly owned renewable generation company. One that will harness the power of Britain’s sun, wind and waves to cut energy bills, making Britain an energy independent superpower.

After 12 years of Tory failure and the chaos of the recent days it’s clear, Labour is the party ready to give Britain its future back.


Launching Edgbaston’s Levelling Up Masterplan

Today, I was delighted to join Birmingham City Council Leader, Cllr Ian Ward, and Edgbaston Stadium CEO, Stuart Cain, to support the launch of Edgbaston's Levelling Up Bid Masterplan.

A total of £20 million would fund a range of new community and cultural facilities would be developed at the Stadium to address health and wellbeing challenges, new learning and training hubs to boost employment, and enhanced public realm and accessibility via new walking and cycling routes to address inactivity.

This Masterplan will help tackle social and wellbeing issues for thousands of people across the constituency. The changes to the stadium and its surrounding area will make Edgbaston a vehicle for community cohesion, drawing the proudly diverse local communities together by offering something for everyone on both matchdays and non-matchdays.

I’m also encouraged by the fact that the benefits will reach more than just the surrounding areas of Edgbaston. If successful, this bid will breathe life back into Quinton Police Station which, due to Tory funding cuts, has been closed since 2018. It is so important that community assets like this are retained and offer services that communities need including a youth offer. That's why I am so proud that this bid will mean the reopening of Quinton Police Station as a community hub.


Announcing a new, separate and independent model for international development

This week I was proud to be able to address Labour Party Conference in the main hall in my capacity as Shadow Cabinet Minister for International Development.

My parents taught me how helping neighbours makes us richer not poorer. Those values of service and solidarity flow through every corner of our movement and our country. And, I for one will not rest until Britain’s values are once again shaping what our government does in the world.

That is why I was so proud to announce that under a Labour Government, we will:

  1. Put in place a new model with the independence needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century - one that recognises the link between development and climate.

  2. Will reinstate Britain’s commitment to spend 0.7% of income on aid

  3. Will legislate to make sure, Britain’s aid budget helps address climate change - to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals.

  4. To undo the damage of twelve years of Tory rule that has seen our international reputation in tatters


Air India announce new flight routes from Birmingham after intervention

I'm delighted to say that after organising joint letters from 12 West Midlands MPs to Air India and meeting with Birmingham Airport CEO, flights from Birmingham to India have increased from one a week to six. This is confirmed between October and December.

Flights from Birmingham to Amritsar will increase from one flight a week to three. And a brand-new flight route to Delhi will see three flights travel from Birmingham.

This is fantastic news for the region. Not only will this be a major boost for the aviation industry which was severely hit by the pandemic, but to the large Punjabi and Sikh diaspora communities across the West Midlands.


Preet Kaur Gill MP

Birmingham Edgbaston covering Bartley Green, Edgbaston, Harborne and Quinton

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