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Preet presses Government on vehicle thefts in Edgbaston

On behalf of constituents in Edgbaston who are fed up with rising vehicle thefts, Preet has challenged the government asking the Secretary of State for Transport, whether he has held recent discussions with vehicle manufacturers on the adequacy of onboard security measures to prevent vehicle thefts.

In response, the government has said it is 'committed to reducing vehicle crime and new vehicles have a range of features fitted on a mandatory basis to deter theft of and from vehicles. In addition, the Criminal Justice Bill will create offences aimed at reducing vehicle crime.'

Worryingly, across the country, a vehicle is stolen every nine minutes and this is costing £379 million per year.

Preet has therefore also raised vehicle crime with West Midlands Police (WMP), calling on them to redouble their efforts to crack down on criminals. They tell Preet tackling vehicle crime is a priority for the Force and additional resources have been secured.

Conversations have also taken place with the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, Simon Foster.

The Crime Reduction Team are currently supporting improvements in security at key locations across the West Midlands, which have been highlighted as hot spots for vehicle crime. This has also involved the development of partnership working with organisations, such as hotel chains and large retail outlets, in order to try and design out crime. This also extends to manufactures, in order to build strong relations to prevent, tackle and reduce vehicle crime.

Preet will continue to hold the Police to account and act as a voice for constituents across Edgbaston. Constituents are encouraged to sign up to WMNow to receive regular updates from their local Neighbourhood Police Team.

Lastly, Labour has set out how it will tackle crime across the country through its Take Back Our Streets mission. Under this plan, the next Labour Government will recruit 13,000 more Neighbourhood Officers and PCSOs. Read more about Labour's mission here.

If you live in Edgbaston and have concerns about crime, then please contact Preet on or telephone 0121 392 8426.


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