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Preet calls out 'unreliable' bus operator, National Express West Midlands

Preet Kaur Gill MP has written to National Express West Midlands raising concerns about the poor level of bus service being provided to residents across her Edgbaston constituency.

In the letter to Chief Executive, Tom Stables, Ms Gill details the frustrations of residents using the bus service caused by their unreliability. Some residents she says, have found alternative means of transportation "because they cannot any longer justify the cost of the monthly bus ticket when weighing up the reliability of service on offer."

Ms Gill also raised concerns of local residents in Edgbaston ward who often face road closures and increased traffic as a result of sporting competitions, including at Edgbaston Cricket Stadium. The local MP expressed her surprise to find that on match days, National Express West Midlands may be failing to increase the number of buses thereby adding to the congestion.

Preet Kaur Gill, MP for Birmingham Edgbaston said, "It is crucial that we have a reliable bus service across Birmingham. Our buses are responsible for taking people to work; to healthcare appointments; young people to school and college as well as; moving people across our city, boosting our local economy.

"National Express are responsible for a critical public service and when buses do not turn up, or are frequently late, people’s lives are severely impacted. That is why I am looking to meet with them to ensure that our bus services are urgently restored to a higher level of service."

In her letter, Preet Gill listed five measures she would like to see introduced to improve the service including the implementation of a GPS system on every bus so that bus users can track where each bus is via the app. Technology which isn’t new and already exists.

The full letter can be read below:

Letter to NX West Midlands
Download PDF • 199KB


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