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My Weekly Update - 8 December

This week, the Prime Minister revealed his latest gimmick: his new Rwanda treaty. 

This failing scheme will send taxpayer money to Rwanda, refugees from Rwanda to Britain, and won’t deter channel crossings. When the Tories first announced this scheme, they promised Rwanda would settle “tens of thousands of people”. The Court of Appeal has now made it clear there’s housing for just 100. 

What’s more, without having sent a single asylum seeker to Rwanda, the cost for taxpayers has shot up to an astronomical £290 million. This is just shocking. 

It’s clear that the Rwanda scheme is a total farce. Eventually the Tories will realise that the only way to stop boat crossings is to adopt Labours plan, by using British policing and British intelligence to smash the gangs trafficking people across the Channel. 

Labour has a five-point plan to reform the asylum system. We will:


1. Crackdown on criminal smuggler gangs, through a new Cross-Border Police Unit and deeper security cooperation with Europe 

2. End hotel use, clear the Tory asylum backlog, and speed up returns to safe countries 

3. Reform resettlement routes to stop people being exploited by gangs 

4. New agreement with France and other countries on returns and family reunion 

5. Tackle humanitarian crises at source helping refugees in their region 



The Mobile Household Recycling Centre (MHRC) has been a fantastic initiative to tackle fly tipping and keep areas of our constituency clean and green. 


It’s brilliant that, from its launch in July 2021 to September 2022, the MHRC has collected over 2,000 tonnes of waste and led to an 11% reduction in reports of fly tipping in the city. In our constituency, the MHRC has been key in keeping waste off our streets, especially in Quinton and Bartley Green. 


It is deeply concerning that the MHRC is at risk due to the financial situation facing Birmingham. I asked Birmingham City Council to consider proposals for the MHRC to be maintained.  

See my letter.



Last month, I wrote to the Government concerned about the rise in anti-social behaviour involving fireworks in Birmingham. 

To my disappointment, the Government responded saying that it has "no current plans to change the law" around the sale of fireworks. This simply isn’t good enough – the law needs to change. 

See my letter and the Government's response.


Safe Access Zones

I wrote to the Government urging it to immediately bring in safe access zones outside abortion clinics to stop women from being harassed. 

The Government responded saying that, as this is "an emotive topic", it has decided to launch a public consultation. 

See my letter and the Government’s response.


Local News

Lifford Recylcing Centre

Residents expressed concern earlier this year at reports that Lifford Lane Household Recycling Centre will be closing for two years, leaving them with their nearest Household Recycling Centre miles away in Tyseley. I wrote to the Council to add my voice to these concerns, and I asked whether a contingency site will be established during the closure.  

I’m pleased to learn this week that the centre will not now close. 

Quinton Ward Forum

The next Quinton Ward Forum will be taking place next Tuesday, 12th December, at Quinborne Centre, Room 7, Ridgacre Road, B32 2TW.


The main item on the agenda will be policing issues and concerns. Simon Foster, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, will be in attendance as the guest speaker. 

Warm Welcome Spaces

Last year, hundreds of spaces were made available across Birmingham for people to meet and engage in all sorts of activities. This time of year can be challenging, both financially and emotionally, and therefore I wish to encourage anyone who is facing a difficult time to reach out for support.

Find a Warm Welcome Space in Birmingham near you: here.

Best wishes,

Preet Kaur Gill MP

Birmingham Edgbaston covering Bartley Green, Edgbaston, Harborne and Quinton

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