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My Weekly Update - 19 May

This week, Labour has been setting out how it would reform leasehold and how we will tackle the Conservative’s sewage scandal.

Labour will end the leasehold scandal with reform of the system to end arcane rules that take power and a voice away from people in their own homes. I know this is an important issue to many in our constituency. Indeed, only last week a constituent got in touch to explain their service charge had increased over 200% over the last nine years, to increasingly unaffordable amounts. As the Prime Minister abandoned leasehold reform, only Labour can be trusted to tackle this issue.

Also, this week, we learned that water bills are going to rise to pay for the cost of stopping the Conservatives sewage scandal. While the government sit on their hands, Labour has set out how it will tackle this crisis.

Labour will clean up our water system by introducing a legally binding target to end 90% of sewage discharges by 2030, stronger sanctions and fines for bosses and companies who fail to do so. There will be a standing charge penalty for outlets that don’t have monitoring in place, and we will protect customers by capping bill increases. In the worst cases, water bosses will face prison sentences for the worst pollution incidents.

Only Labour can deliver the solutions our country needs!


Central Lobby

This week, I joined ITV’s Alison Mackenzie to debate the fallout of May's local elections, the report into the running of Birmingham City Council and is the Government levelling up fast enough?

The local elections were a great night for Labour and a testament to how Keir Starmer has turned our party around. We are now the largest party in local government and Labour councillors are delivering for constituents in Birmingham and across the country.

As I explained to Alison, “the places that we are winning, are the places that we need to win if we want to win at the next General Election…. people are returning back to Labour!”

Watch and listen to me discuss the local elections and more in the full clip below.


Speaking at Newman University

On Monday, I visited Newman University in Bartley Green where I spoke about my political journey into politics, followed by a Q&A session with the students. I wish to again extend my thanks to Dr Emma Folwell from Applied Humanities for inviting me to speak.

Growing up, my inspiration to get into politics was my late father. My dad came to Birmingham in the 1950s, where he worked in the Foundry and as a bus driver before becoming the President of the first Gurdwara in Smethwick. I saw how my father unionised the ethnic minority workers at his factory, to stop them having their pay packets stolen by other workers, and I recall being 14 years old and helping people with social security forms and interpreting for them.

After thirteen years of Conservative Government, where they have crashed our economy and decimated public services, our task is the same as it was all those years ago – to rebuild our country in the interests of working people and to show the country that politics is once again a force for good.

Only Labour can be trusted to restore our economy, make our country a green energy superpower, build an NHS fit for the future, make our streets safe, and break down barriers to opportunity at every stage!


St Peter’s visit Parliament

In Parliament on Tuesday, it was fantastic to meet students from St Peter’s Catholic Primary School during their tour of the UK Parliament. It is so important for young people to understand the link between where they live and the day-to-day work of the UK Parliament.

I wish to thank The Parliamentary Education and Engagement Team who work exceptionally hard throughout the year to deliver award-winning political engagement to primary, secondary, and post-16 providers. This includes organising tours, delivering workshops, assemblies, and other interactive sessions.

I also want to thank St Peter’s for their fantastic questions during our Q&A session. I hope they left Parliament with a lot of new knowledge about the workings of Parliament and what Members of Parliament do.

I strongly encourage other schools and colleges in our constituency to engage with the outreach team in Parliament. Click the button below for more information.


My letter to the Home Secretary

On Tuesday, I wrote to the Home Secretary about how the government is tackling child sexual exploitation, modern slavery and trafficking on pornographic content platforms like OnlyFans.

An Edgbaston resident contacted me after their own research identified criminality associated with some online platforms providing subscription models for online pornography.

I looked further into this and found that these concerns are well-documented by organisations like The Avery Centre, the BBC, and The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative.

While these websites like these have policies in place, criminals are finding ways around them. Read my letter in full below.

PG37919 Online Subscription Model Pornography Site Concerns 16-05-2023
Download PDF • 247KB


GP Pressures

On Friday, I wrote to the Health Secretary after GPs in Edgbaston contacted me to describe the pressure they and their colleagues are facing.

Thirteen years of Conservative failure has broken the system with successive Conservative administrations leaving patients struggling to access healthcare like GP appointments.

While GPs are working flat out amid surging demand, a recent report by The Royal College of General Practitioners shows that 90% of general practice staff were concerned or very concerned about their practice's ability to deliver the level of care that patients needed this winter.

I therefore wrote to Steve Barclay on behalf of GPs and patients in Edgbaston to ask what steps his government is taking to address these pressures.

Read my letter in full below.

PG39394 GPs 19-05-2023
Download PDF • 189KB

Local News

This week, George Dixon Primary received a Breakfast Club Hero award on behalf of the Kellog’s Breakfast Club Awards 2023. I wish to thank to all the staff at the school involved in delivering breakfast clubs for students and I extend congratulations to everyone at George Dixon on this fantastic achievement.

West Midlands Police have announced a new non-degree police entry route, allowing people to become a student officer with West Midlands Police, without the need for university study. Click here for more information!

On Thursday, the Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub published its third edition of its annual Spotlight on Spinouts report, produced in partnership with Beauhurst. The University of Birmingham in our constituency has ranked in the top twenty in the UK for producing innovative spinout companies!

Starting from 24 May, every Wednesday between 12:30 - 13:30, Share Shack will be coming to St Germain's Church on City Road. You can borrow items, share ideas, skills, and meet new people. It's completely free but bring proof of address for your first borrow. More information here.

Next week, the Mobile Household Recycling Centre will be returning to the constituency. If you are in the area and have bulky household waste to dispose of then please come along. The dates and locations are below:

  • Monday 22 May at Metchley Park Road (B15 2PG) between 07:00 and 12:45

  • Thursday 25 May at Wadhurst Road (B17 8JF) between 07:00 and 12:45

  • Friday 26 May at Hillside Close (B32 4LS) between 07:00 – 12:45

Best wishes,

Preet Kaur Gill MP

Birmingham Edgbaston covering Bartley Green, Edgbaston, Harborne and Quinton

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