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Commenting on the West Midlands Devolution Deal

Preet Kaur Gill, MP for Birmingham Edgbaston said, “I welcome the West Midlands Devolution Deal and any measure of money and resource that is brought forward to our region. However, this deal needed to go much further in its ambition to truly level up our region.

“This deal has not resolved any of the long-term funding issues for local authorities that can truly unlock the potential of cities such as Birmingham. Local councils rely on the funding from Government. This deal does not undo the £800 million that has been taken out of Birmingham which has done irreparable harm to our city over the last 13 years by this Conservative Government.

“Birmingham’s Labour council has the bold vision to make this a golden decade of opportunity. It is disappointing that this Conservative Government and this Conservative Mayor do not have the desire to meet this ambition. This is simply a continuation of the begging bowl politics we have come to expect from this Government and yet more sticking plaster politics.

“Only with Labour in power will we see the English towns and cities truly take back control from Westminster. We will build a fairer, greener, more dynamic country where working people succeed, aspiration is rewarded, and where together, we unlock the pride and purpose in every community.”


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