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24 April: Preet writes to residents after BCC deliver the Nursery Road parking scheme

Nursery Road residents have waited years for the deliver of the Nursery Road parking scheme. Thankfully, and at last, the Council delivered the scheme in April 2024.

Preet has already received positive feedback from constituents who live on and near Nursery Road. This is evidence of how badly needed a scheme like this was for the area.

In her letter to residents, closing the campaign, Preet said,

'As you know, it has taken years to get to this point and I wish to put on record my thanks to all those that have corresponded with me over the years and for your patience. I am aware that, at times, the pace of progress was frustratingly slow.

Throughout this process, I have exchanged countless emails with the Council, convened meetings with residents, and continually pushed the Council to deliver this scheme because I know how dangerous this road can be.

Already, I have received positive feedback from residents that the scheme is working well. I hope that as time goes on the scheme continues to work as intended.'

Find Preet's letter in full below.

If you would like to contact Preet regarding traffic and parking issues in your area, then please contact or telephone 0121 392 8426.

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