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My Weekly Update - 7 July

Updated: Jan 30

This week, Labour unveiled their mission to break down the barriers to opportunity for every child, at every stage. Labour will:

  1. Provide pathways to good prospects for all, with a new growth and skills levy that doubles down on apprenticeship, a proper national skills plan led by a new body Skills England, and getting more people than ever access to quality post-19 training.

  2. Get children studying creative arts subject or sports until they’re 16.

  3. Deliver a broader education, introducing a new curriculum which raises the importance of oracy and digital skills.

  4. Ensure the highest standards in schools, with a reformed Ofsted and recruitment plan to hire more teachers in shortage subjects.

  5. Introduce safe-guarding reviews every year.

In this country, we promise our children and grandchildren that if you work hard, you’ll be able to get on, no matter what your background. But Britain is currently failing on that promise.

It’s not right that one element of a child’s background – how well off their family is – has such a strong impact on the life they can build. Labour will shatter the class ceiling, breaking down barriers to opportunity.

This mission is one that is personal to me. I have two daughters currently in education, paving their future pathways in life. I also regularly visit schools in the constituency, where I meet so many bright, hardworking and aspiring young people who deserve to do well. Children should have the opportunity to make the most of their ability and get a career doing what they do best and love the most.

Labour will boost opportunities for everyone, and our economy, and make sure there is no class ceiling on the ambitions of young people in Britain!


Politics Live

This week, I appeared on Politics Live to debate the unsustainable NHS, teacher strikes, inflation and Birmingham City Council’s budget crisis.

To watch the full episode, click the link below.


In Parliament

This week in Parliament, I made two speeches for Statutory Instruments.

On Monday, I asked the Government if it remains committed to delivering on the promises it has made to the world's poorest and most climate vulnerable countries.

On Wednesday, I spoke in a debate about the Government’s planned recapitalisation of BII. BII does lots of good work, but with unresolved questions about some of its investments and is accountability and transparency arrangements, is this the best use of scarce resources right now?

In my role as Shadow Secretary for International Development, I will continue to stand up for the world’s poorest.


Baton of Hope

This week, I received the Baton of Hope in Birmingham. Baton of Hope is a trailblazing mental health movement that is set to be the UK’s biggest suicide awareness and prevention campaign.

Suicide is the silent epidemic. Deaths from suicides have been rising since 2008, and tragically reached a record high in England and Wales last year. This is personal to me. I have witnessed the devastating impact that suicide has had on families, friends, and communities.

Together, we can build a future where suicide is not an option, where support is readily available, and where hope reigns supreme. Because every life is precious, and every life is worth saving.


School visit

This week, I met students from Four Dwellings Primary Academy and St George’s School.

It was great to meet Four Dwellings on their visit and tour of the House of Commons. I hope they enjoyed their day and better understand how Parliament works.

It was also a joy to meet politics students at St George’s School. I was so impressed by their questions and am always so glad to see young people engaged in politics.


Local News

This week, Edgbaston celebrates 70 years of woman MPs. I'm so proud to be the 4th female MP, following Edith Pitt, Jill Knight and Gisela Stuart. As Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.”

The West Midlands Fire Service have launched their three-yearly consultation to help shape their fire service. They’re looking for feedback from communities across five areas – prevention, protection, response, people and sustainability – so do get in touch.

West Midlands Police officers have been putting on a variety of activities as part of Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Week, including off road bike operations, multi-agency operations in areas where anti-social behaviour is a problem, and supporting their partners with area cleanups. Their Safe Haven teams who support and mentor young people with football and sports activities have also been hosting events this week.

Next week is loneliness awareness week, and ahead of then, Age UK has shared some resources to help constituents who might be suffering with loneliness. Click below to see their helpful written guide for those struggling.

Next week, the Mobile Household Recycling Centre will be visiting Wyndham Road, B16 9AF, on Tuesday 11th July. It will be there between 07:00 and 12:30, so please come along if you have rubbish to dispose of.

Next Saturday, a Community Fun Day will be taking place at St Germain’s Church, B17 8LE, to remember 75 years of Windrush. There’ll be a poetry, music, Zumba, face painting, an exhibition, games, a bouncy castle and much more!

Best wishes,

Preet Kaur Gill MP

Birmingham Edgbaston covering Bartley Green, Edgbaston, Harborne and Quinton

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