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My Weekly Update - 15 December

This week, Keir Starmer pledged to end this Tory ‘psychodrama’ and put politics back in the service of the British people.

While the Tories continue fighting like rats in a sack, there’s a country out here that isn’t being governed. Four years on from the 2019 general election, a changed Labour party, back in the service of working people, is ready to get Britain’s future back.

Labour has set out five missions:

  1. Get Britain building again, with a target of 1.5m homes

  2. Switch on Great British Energy, with families £1,400 better off a year with GB Energy

  3. Get the NHS back on its feet, with 2m extra appointments a year

  4. Take back our streets, with 13,000 more police officers and PCSOs

  5. Break down the barriers to opportunity, with New Technical Excellence Colleges

With a mission-driven Labour government, hard work will be rewarded, aspiration will be backed, communities will have more control, and politics will serve your interests.


The Metro

This week, I wrote an op-ed for The Metro in support of the Formula for Change campaign, which calls on the Government to urgently review regulations around the sale of infant formula.

The price for infant formula is soaring, with the cheapest brand of formula shooting up by 45% in just two years, way above inflation. This means, on average, a single tin costs an eye-watering £12.

Regulations should be in place to help families, not make life more difficult for them. However, currently there are restrictions in place preventing families from using loyalty cards and vouchers to purchase pricey infant formula.

These restrictions are clearly outdated, especially during a cost-of-living crisis.

All families should be able to feed their babies. With Labour, retailers will be able to accept loyalty cards and vouchers as payment for infant formula to help families feed their children.

Read the article here:


Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group

It was great to speak at the Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group event this week and set out Labour’s commitment to ensuring pregnant women receive the support they need to quit smoking.

Last year, 8.8% of mothers were smokers at the time of delivery – some 50% more than the government’s 6% target.

Labour will take steps to create a smoke-free future, by making all hospital trusts integrate 'opt-out' smoking cessation interventions into routine care.


Lordswood Boys' School

This week, it was great to visit Lordswood Boys' School. It was really inspiring to hear about their character-driven approach to education, based on shared values and equipping young people to learn essential life skills.

Labour will reform the education system, delivering a broader education and introducing a new curriculum which raises the importance of oracy and digital skills.


Local News

Christmas Party

It was great to see everyone at the Edgbaston CLP Christmas Party this year! I am so grateful for all the hard work that our members do, and all the effort they put into campaigning all year round.

I hope everyone who attended had a wonderful time and has a great Christmas break.

Off Road Bikes

Many of my constituents have contacted me concerned about off-road bikes and the associated anti-social behaviour which is terrorising our communities.

I therefore recently contacted Simon Foster’s Office about whether any additional funding will be allocated to West Midlands Police off-road bikes team. He has confirmed that for some years our region did not have such a team, therefore he has invested proceeds of crime into establishing a new West Midlands Police off-road bikes team. He is also investing ASB Hot Spot funding that he successfully secured into this team too. Thanks to this, West Midlands Police now has six off road bikes and has trained ten specialist officers to ride these bikes.

National Grid Apprenticeship Scheme

The National Grid Apprenticeship Scheme is now open. It’s a great opportunity for young people to work to shape the future of energy in the UK.

Apply by following the link below.


In response to my letter requesting that the MHRC continue to service our community, the Council leader has provided me with an update on the future of the MHRC. He has said:

"It is too early to comment on the future of specific services, but I can assure you that keeping the streets of Birmingham clean and tidy will be a priority for the council. Once the savings plans are collated... the public will be able to have their say through our consultation process"

Best wishes,

Preet Kaur Gill MP

Birmingham Edgbaston covering Bartley Green, Edgbaston, Harborne and Quinton

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