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My Weekly Update - 11 August

Updated: Jan 30

This week, Labour announced that they will boost apprenticeships as businesses struggle to get the skills they need.

New analysis from the party has revealed an increasing number of businesses are reporting staffing challenges, with nearly half of businesses unable to get the skills they need. At the same time, 500,000 businesses are having to pause some of their trading activity because of a shortage of workers with the right skills.

Firms are reporting being in high demand for a range of skills, including customer service, basic and advanced digital skills.

All good businesses know that their workforce is their greatest asset. Only Labour has a plan to address the skills shortages we face and get our economy back on track.

Labour will:

- Give businesses the flexibility they need to invest in skills and training in order to deliver growth.

- Turn the Tories’ failed Apprenticeships Levy into a ‘Growth and Skills Levy’ allowing it to be used on a greater range of courses, including digital skills, to ensure businesses can invest in their workforce gaining the skills businesses need to grow.


Local News

Cuts to bus services

This week, analysis by the Labour Party revealed that the West Midlands has the most axed bus services in the UK, with over two-thirds of local services lost since 2010.

People need a reliable transport network - buses are essential services that keep communities connected. Labour’s plans will put passengers first by allowing communities to take back control over their bus services.

For months, I've been campaigning to improve bus services for my constituents. Download my letter below.

PG35839 Bus Service Support Fund Letter 26-01-2023
Download PDF • 188KB


This week, a crackdown on dangerous and reckless driving got underway in Birmingham, co-ordinated by West Midlands Police, Birmingham City Council and Transport for West Midlands.

For years, I've been campaigning for measures to make our roads safer, such as by installing more averaging speed cameras. I’ll continue to campaign on this issue and make sure the crackdown is enforced.

Sewage scandal

This week, it was revealed that Severn Trent water will face legal action over claims they unreported pollution and overcharged customers.

It’s disgraceful that last year, 153 spillages of raw sewage were dumped into Edgbaston’s open spaces. Analysis of Environment Agency data shows that in 2022, raw sewage was discharged into Edgbaston’s water for 213 hours, the equivalent of there being a continuous flow of sewage taking place for a staggering 9 consecutive days.

Labour will end the Tory sewage scandal, delivering mandatory monitoring on all sewage outlets, introducing automatic fines for discharges, setting ambitious targets for stopping systematic sewage dumping, and ensuring that water bosses are held to account for negligence.

Gen 22

Gen 22 is calling all start-ups, sports organisations, digital/media creatives, communities, and cultural organisations passionate about making change in the community to apply to be part of its exciting programme that empowers young people and fosters social action within the West Midlands.

Born out of the 2022 Commonwealth Games, Gen 22 aims to empower young people aged 16-24 to make real change in their communities, particularly those who face barriers to accessing opportunities, whether that is down to a disablity, race, ethnicity, challenging social backgrounds, low income, or contact with the criminal justice system.

If you want to apply, please complete and submit your application by Friday 25th August.

Find out more about the programme and apply here:


This week, Birmingham Hospice launched a new charity shop on Harbone High Street. The new store features an in-store café, community space, weekend DJ sets, and, of course, lots of vintage clothing for customers to enjoy.


This week, the Mobile Home Recycling Centre will be visiting Spring Road/Springbank Road in Edgbaston, B15 2HA, on Monday 14th August, and Coplow Street in North Edgbaston, B16 0DL, on Friday 18th August. The centre will be open from 7am to 12.30pm, so please do come along if you’re local and have bulky household waste to dispose of.

Best wishes,

Preet Kaur Gill MP

Birmingham Edgbaston covering Bartley Green, Edgbaston, Harborne and Quinton

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