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16 March 2023: Preet Kaur Gill MP writes to DEFRA about cat theft

After constituents wrote to Preet calling for action on cat theft, Preet wrote to the Parliamentary Under Secretary for Food and Animal Welfare to relay their concerns.

In her letter, Preet said the evidence is clear: cats need protection.

At the time of writing, the Kept Animals Bill had stalled in Parliament. Preet therefore asked for the Minister to update further on the next stages of the Bill.

Sadly, the government have since dropped the Bill. The government says it will take forward the Bill’s contents as single-issue pieces of legislation, which will likely further delay protections from becoming law. Preet is following developments closely.

See Preet's letter, and the response she received, below.

If you have questions or concerns about animal welfare policies, write to Preet on or telephone 0121 392 8426.

PG38885 Cat Theft 16-03-2023
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